Telemetry Products for SCADA & Data Acquisition Systems

NBT manufactures telemetry system equipment used in SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and remote monitoring systems. For nearly 30 years we have provided dependable, cost-effective systems and components used in the water and wastewater, landfill and remediation industry.

SM300 Series

The SM300 Series MTU (master terminal unit) and RTU (remote terminal unit) are low-cost, stand-alone telemetry hardware used for I/O signal transmission.

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Why choose NBT Telemetry Equipment?

Eliminates man-hours needed for on-site data collection and/or visual inspections.

Monitors and controls remote processes from a single master location.

Helps collect data for reporting to meet compliance issues.

Saves time and reduces maintenance/construction costs.

Options to replace buried cable systems.

Integrates easily into any Modbus compatible telemetry SCADA system.

Easy to configure & easy use.

Designed for future expandability.


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About Us

NBT has been involved in the design and manufacturing of a variety of control and communication related products for over 30 years. NBT operates as a division of EPG Companies Inc. serving primarily the US, Canada and Mexico markets providing controllers, remote telemetry units (RTU’s), modems, switches and other communication products.

EPG specializes in the manufacture of landfill leachate pumps & controls, sump drainers, biogas flares, condensate separators, remediation equipment, telemetry hardware and SCADA systems, and other environmental and industrial products.